About Us
Transforming the sports industry one step at a time
Our Story

Courtsite was established in 2017 by a group of friends who were inspired to digitalize the badminton court booking experience in Malaysia.

Seeing this as a success, Courtsite has since expanded beyond the badminton arena and aims to grow and transform the sports industry with innovative solutions.

Today, Courtsite seamlessly connects sports facilities with thousands of sports enthusiasts on our online booking and payment platform.

Our Vision
To spark joy in all sports experiences
Our Mission
To create innovative, high-value solutions for sports facilities and sports enthusiasts, and to elevate the standards and experience for sports communities
Our Values
To always put ourselves in the shoes of others to understand what and where they are coming from
To enjoy what we do, and to do what we enjoy
Intentional Innovation
To do everything with an intention, and always ask why
Efficiently Effective
To provide the most value with the least effort
Collaborate & Communicate
Teamwork makes the dream works
Our Numbers
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Our Team
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Joey Ng
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Ian Lai
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Aaron Sheah
Engineering Lead
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Mohamad Azraei
Engineering Lead
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Fariz Iskandar Khoo
Software Engineer
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Shi Ching Lim
Software Engineer
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Ming Han Lim
Junior Software Engineer
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Celine Lim
Project Manager
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